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Introduction to Darshan Academy Ferozepur

Darshan Academy Ferozepur prides itself on the quality of its educational programmes, the professionalism of its staff, the enthusiasm of its students and the high level of support provided by parents and community members.

This year the school commenced on the 01st April 2016 with 3 morning preschool groups. Our priority enrolment area is the nearby villages and Gandhinagar.

We hope that one day our students will be able to make a valuable contribution to our society. Our school aims to provide all students with a multi-faceted, school-based curriculum that will enable students to develop independent thinking skills, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, a positive attitude towards life and a thirst for knowledge. We aim to make our students life-long learners. Their years at school are the beginning of this journey. Therefore, it is essential to equip our students with an excellent all round education with good skills in information technology and communication, a global perspective and high moral standards, so that they can serve their community in the future.

  • A high standard of teaching and learning
  • A safe and welcoming environment
  • Family and community involvement
  • Commitment to learning and excellence
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Respect for self, others and the environment
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